Lecture Series at the Stone House Museum

The Museum Committee has been sponsoring a Lecture Series open to the public at the Stone House. The purpose is to promote interest in and provide information on Belchertown’s history.  Past events:

October 16, 2014: “Boys in Blue” –Belchertown’s Civil War soldiers by Cliff McCarthy. It traced the soldiers’ lives from enlistment to “mustering out”.

November 13. 2014: “World War I: The Home Front” by Randi Shenkman, a poster series of recruitment and the sacrifices made by ordinary citizens.

December 11, 2014:   “Something of the Character Within” by Elizabeth Peirce and Sheila Damkoehler. Portraits of Swift River Valley children of the 19th and early 20th Centuries with discussion of clothes, poses, backdrops, and props.

January 29, 2015: “The Rescue of Angeline Palmer” by Cliff McCarthy. In 1840 a plan was made to sell Angeline, a ten year old free orphan, into slavery. She was saved by members of Amherst’s Black community.

March 19, 2015: “Talking with the Dead in Massachusetts” by Rob Cox. The focus was on the American Spiritualism movement of the 1850’s, its people and their beliefs, and activities in western Massachusetts.

April 26, 2015: “One Hundred Years of Sentinel History” by Peter Dearness. This will be presented at the annual meeting at the Masonic Lodge at 3:30 and is open to the public. We invite all to come.