The Washington District School House

The Washington Street Schoolhouse was moved to the StoneHouse Museum where it will be restored and used for education programs, lectures and more!  We will need $150,000 in order to accomplish this project.  It will truly take a community!
You can get involved in this exciting restoration by contributing On-line or by mailing a check made out to the Belchertown Historical Association, P. O. Box 1211, Belchertown, MA 01007.

So far, it has been sprayed for powder post beetles and the joists have been repaired and sistered to make the house sturdy. The next thing will be to repair and put back in the place the roof rafters and plywood base and then, the school will be covered with its tarp again and ready to wait until spring for the foundation to be dug and poured.

Meanwhile, we have a great interview with one of the school’s former students, Bob Tilton here.

Belchertown Washington Street School Bob Tilton 09-01-2016 from BCTV Belchertown MA on Vimeo.